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Digital Marketing is Our Passion

We are Vox Social, a small team of business obsessed marketing nerds with a penchant for telling your brand’s story through digital media.

From creative and content generation to brand development, strategy, advertising, and more, our team has built a reputation for continually delivering unique and engaging campaigns that set the standard for business marketing of all sizes and shapes.

We’re here to help your business kick ass.



We connect businesses and organizations with the online experiences that drive them.

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Executive Team

Digital Marketing Experts

Rion Haber - CEO

Chief Executive Officer

Rion is digital marketing geek, blogger, and content strategy enthusiast passionate about helping businesses connect with their fans online.

Sean Mafi - Sales Manager

Chief Sales Officer

Enterprise account management specialist, Sean helps connect Vox clients with solutions that drive growth.

Matt Peternell - Lead Developer

Chief Technical Officer

Front end web developer with ten years experience helping brands tell their stories through beautifully designed and built websites and applications.

Ben Garrison - Content Manager

Chief Content Officer

Inbound and content marketing strategist with a bent for social media and unlocking the voice of our client’s brands.

Vox Digital Integration

Digital Integration

Helping businesses digitally integrate their brand is one of the most common requests we get. Aligning your organization’s media is important for brand recognition, but done correctly, will also help to improve search engine performance and optimize social sharing. See more below:



Mobile First

Search Engine Optimization


Strategy & Services

Moving the Needle on Your Digital Marketing Goals

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Running a successful online marketing campaign is as much about process as outcome. Vox Social allows you the opportunity to have all of your online marketing resources in one place, reducing drag and allowing you to pivot quickly on large scale projects.

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Figuring out what matters in social media and digital can be tough. Our team understands how your social properties best pair with traditional media as well as other digital platforms and channels giving you better insight into campaign strategy, planning, execution, and metrics.

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  • Web Design & Development

  • Digital Integration

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  • Reputation Management

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  • Social Media Advertising

  • Search Advertising

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Social Media Education

  • Graphic & Visual Design

  • SEO

  • Marketing Automation



The Latest in Digital Marketing & Social Media

Hashtags for Business

The Definitive Guide to Using Hashtags for Business Marketing   TLDR: Hashtags have become more than just a way to filter through large bodies of information about a subject on Twitter or Instagram. They’re now a powerful cultural icon, a tool for branding, audience development, and cross channel marketing. While many social media and community […]
Hashtags for Business
Using Facebook’s Messenger Codes to Get More Out of Print Marketing

Using Facebook’s Messenger Codes to Get More Out of Print Marketing

TLDR: Facebook is providing a new way for businesses and organization to speak directly to potential customers with Facebook “Messenger Codes”.  Simply embed the icon into your print graphics and customers can be instantly connected with you through the Facebook Messenger mobile application. Print Marketing Gets an Upgrade from Facebook Innovation isn’t a word we […]

What are Facebook Instant Articles and Why do They Matter to You?

What are “Instant Articles” and Why Do They Matter? At last month’s F8 conference, Facebook announced the release of a long anticipated publishing tool called “Facebook Instant Articles”. Previously available only to a select group of beta news and human interest providers, including the New York, Times, National Geographic, and Buzz Feed, IA was designed […]
What are Facebook Instant Articles and Why do They  Matter to You?
Building a Better Brand

Building a Better Brand

How to Deliver a Better Brand Through Great Story Telling   The thing about branding is……it’s a little bit ethereal. We get it. As a marketing exercise, it’s a notoriously broad concept and can be expressed in anything from the color of your employee’s uniforms to the type of return service or guarantees your company […]
Is Advertising on Facebook Worth It?

Is Advertising on Facebook Worth It?

Social 2.0 – Making the Case for Advertising on Facebook One of the most frequent questions we get when talking to new and prospective clients these days inevitably goes something like this…. “We’ve spent tons of time and money building an audience and engaging them through Facebook but have been seeing numbers drop significantly on every […]

Why is the Digital Experience So Important?

Understanding “User Experience” and How it Defines Your Brand   In the late 1970’s, Apple Computer’s CMO Mike Markkula  wrote as part of the company’s newly formed manifesto that “People DO judge a book by its cover….We may have the best product, the highest quality, the most useful software, etc; if we present them in […]
Why is the Digital Experience So Important?

Social Media Administration

Monthly Packages for Organizations of All Sizes


per Month

Designed to get your business or organization going with regular posting and engagement.

  • Regular Posting & Upkeep
  • Customer Engagement
  • Assisted Media Development


per Month

Build for organizations looking to take the next steps with regular strategy and advertising.

  • Regular Posting & Upkeep
  • Content Strategy
  • Advertising
  • Analytics


per Month

Goal driven marketing including admin, strategy, advertising, and monitored campaigns.

  • Content Strategy
  • Creative
  • Assisted Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Analytics

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