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Hashtags for Business

The Definitive Guide to Using Hashtags for Business Marketing   TLDR: Hashtags have become more than just a way to filter through large bodies of information about a subject on Twitter or Instagram. They’re now a powerful cultural icon, a tool for branding, audience development, and cross channel marketing. While many social media and community […]
Hashtags for Business
What are Facebook Instant Articles and Why do They  Matter to You?

What are Facebook Instant Articles and Why do They Matter to You?

What are “Instant Articles” and Why Do They Matter? At last month’s F8 conference, Facebook announced the release of a long anticipated publishing tool called “Facebook Instant Articles”. Previously available only to a select group of beta news and human interest providers, including the New York, Times, National Geographic, and Buzz Feed, IA was designed […]

Building a Better Brand

How to Deliver a Better Brand Through Great Story Telling   The thing about branding is……it’s a little bit ethereal. We get it. As a marketing exercise, it’s a notoriously broad concept and can be expressed in anything from the color of your employee’s uniforms to the type of return service or guarantees your company […]
Building a Better Brand