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Diageo Brands

Diageo Brands

Social Media Training With Diageo Importers


The Market

These are some of the methods that the most successful companies in the world are using to build their brands on social and represent just some of the questions we ask when potential clients tell us about their existing marketing programs. The goal of social media training is to help develop your internal marketing teams into the kind of pros that understand how this content fits together on the web, the best way to administrate it, and tools for maximizing exposure and providing return on investment.


The Client

Diageo Importers is one of the world’s leading companies in the fine spirits category with 15.97 billion in revenues in 2016 alone. The company relies on local area sales reps to act as brand ambassadors. In the age of social media, it’s critical that these team members understand how to use social media to build brand recognition and lifestyle.

With over thirty representatives in the Seattle area alone, local market managers wanted to instruct team members in how to better use social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to better connect with potential on-premise clientele by establishing lifestyle.


The Solution

The Vox team built a four hour workshop tackling exactly the areas where Diageo wanted to grow. When we sat down with the team, each member talked a bit about their experience with social media, comfort using it to sell products, and previous successes and failures. A key concern

We covered building a personal brand, how using Pinterest to build specialty drink catalogs that bartenders and managers could use and share.


The Look Back

Vox has worked with businesses including tech, eCommerce, brick and mortar retail, other marketing and advertising agencies, and many more to get more out of social. Our team lives for the newest content, tools, and strategies when it comes to helping you get discovered on the web and we’re constantly growing our knowledge base to include the latest tools available.  For help maximizing your exposure on social, please contact us for programs ranging from one day seminars to six month ongoing support programs.






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