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Baltic Room

Baltic Room

Social Media Administration for Entertainment Concepts


The Market

For organizations that require frequent posting and community engagement, social media can seem nearly impossible to keep up with. Customers often expect to you to engage these channels as a second website where they can learn about what’s going on, make reservations, and view pictures and video of past events.

Keeping up to date with it all may feel overwhelming. These venues however, provide a rare opportunity for building the type of high value content that social media thrives on. Understanding how to capture that content and publish in the most effective way possible, in all of the places you want to be seen, in a way that garners your customer’s Baltic Twitterattention and drives revenues is your next step. Vox can help.

The Client

The Baltic Room, a twenty year old iconic Seattle nightlife venue, knew that customers were reaching out through social media, but the venue’s small management team was searching for a Xmore comprehensive solution to get on top of and engage potential venue goers. Ensuring that the venue’s daily events were being kept up-to-date, customers were being responded to in a timely manner, and that content for past events was being posted for attendees to share on their personal social media channels were some of the team’s main concerns.

The Solution

After meeting with the the venue’s management team, Baltic Room seemed like a perfect match for Vox’ basic monthly social media admin services. Our team got to work scaling up the business’ social media presence by linking various accounts, adding YouTube and Vimeo channels and working with the existing promotions team on learning how to tell better stories through content.

In addition to daily posting on the business’ four main social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+, Vox helped the Baltic Room more effectively leverage local SEO in order to more easily be found through search engines – eventually leading to more than 1,000,000,000 views through Google’s knowledge graph and over 10,000 Facebook fans.

Vox has engaged customers with conversation about upcoming events, venue rules, reservations, and more. Our team has ensured that promotions teams keep on top of Nightlife and Entertainment - Case Study | Vox Socialweekly photo albums of these events leading to increase increased social virility and word-of-mouth marketing. Our team routinely engages customers writing into the venue through Facebook Messenger and Twitter platforms, where the club books reservations and answers other questions about the venue.

As the business has increased engagement over social media channels, our team has gone on to help Baltic Room get a better handle on reputation management forums such as Facebook, Google, and Yelp reviews, responding to each issue with the venues own unique voice.


The Look Back

Since Vox has taken the reins of the business’ social channels, we’ve achieved 20% growth in year over year audience engagement. Strategic social media advertising campaigns helped build conversation and excitement around under-performing events. Social shares around newly developed content have increased ten-fold, and more customer’s are increasingly reliant on social media for the most up to date information of the venue’s happenings.

If you own or manage an event-based or hospitality business, social can be an incredible way to activate and engage your fans. Often times however, this can be a full time job, in and of itself and utilizing Vox to keep on top of business demands is an economical and effective way for you to keep moving forward. Please contact us for a free assessment of your business or organization.





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