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Working with Menchie’s Franchisees on Building Local Social and Search Strategies


The Market

Vox recently worked with national frozen yogurt chain, Menchie’s to expand social media marketing efforts for members of its over 500 franchises. The company felt that it had room to grow in three areas including new store openings, discount programs, and local engagement.


The Client

As a distributed franchise operation, each store owner was supplied with a common set of standardized marketing materials that represented the company’s “best practices”, but weren’t necessarily tailored to each business’ local market place. In addition, stores were not allowed to open their own websites, heavily emphasizing a need for strong local SEO and word-of-mouth programs.


The Solution

Our team began by helping owners understand how to reach out to local community organizations with more than just Facebook posting, but by engaging them through Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest as well. We taught methods for increasing reviews on Facebook, Google, and more.


The Look Back

We then began showing them the most effective ways to promote weekly discount programs and events through Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Vox Social works with franchise operations to help them get the most out of digital marketing. In an area with top down administrative control, we’ve found that arming local vendors with methods for tailored social media yielded better customer engagement in the area.

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