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Building Content for Tech Startup, MetaBrite


The Market

Great content helps your customers understand how and why your brand fits into their lives, which can be quite a feat when you are a SaaS company. Companies create software to connect, simplify, and better human lives, which is powerful stuff when executed properly.  Content can come in the form of written blogs, videos, GIF’s, collages, whitepapers, images or virtually anything else, and is essentially and indirect pitch about the products and services you offer.

A professional sports franchise for example, may produce a story about one of their player’s rise to stardom and how the city they grew up in reflected their love for the game. On the other hand, an animal rescue non-profit may develop a piece about the journey of the animals they take in leading up to a happy outcome.

Some tactics work better than others, and the software space can be tricky to navigate.


The Client

In November of 2015, we began working with Seattle area tech startup, MetaBrite. Tasked with filling the whitespace of the internet, the MetaBrite marketing team partnered with the Vox Social team to bring elegant content to the public. Vox Social worked with local content partners at “We Are Unicorns” to begin storyboarding a series of Q&A style videos for the company’s new website. The video’s doubled as great content to be shared over the business’ YouTube channels and allowed them an easy, interactive way to explain the technology through email without adding massive amounts of copy.


The Solution

For many small and medium-sized business owners and organization managers, content can feel like a very big hurdle to overcome when developing an effective social media strategy.  “I run a (insert your type of business here), not a production studio”. “I don’t have the time, money, or interest to invest in  writing blogs all day.” Even for larger companies, the prospect of building content around your passion can feel out of your comfort zone.


The Look Back

Our team understands content and can help. Whether  you’re looking for a hand with simple strategy or  need someone create, execute and manage your entire campaign, we have access to a wide variety of resources. These include professional copywriters, video editors, graphic designers, and more.  We help connect great organizations with the stories that will help move them forward.

For more information on how Vox can help grow your content marketing program, please contact us.

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