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Understanding How to Use Twitter for Business

How to Use Twitter for Business

How to Engage Your Customers and Form Relationships with Twitter for Business

Two hundred billion: That’s how many Tweets were sent last year – Billion. With two hundred and eighty four million active users, that’s a lot of chirping. So we know Twitter is big, but how does it stack up against Facebook for providing businesses a chance to engage their followers and build brand identity? With nearly as many “Tweets” as Facebook “likes”, but at nearly one fifth Big Blue’s size, combine Facebook’s artificially limited organic reach with an aging user base and Twitter is one of the most effective platforms in the social media arena to have a genuine conversation with your customers. With so much content however, it can be difficult figuring out how to break through using Twitter for business and branding. So here are a couple of tips:

Twitter for Business - Taco Bel

Build Content for Twitter

1. All social media was not made equal, and using all platforms the same way is a quick way to make your customers quickly tune out your message. Twitter is what is known as a “microblog”. People engage it much more to see what’s going on in the world than with their friends. Quick pieces of funny dialogue, facts, and things that apply to your industry or industry related topics (whether related to your specific business or not) will work best.

Demonstrate Subject Matter Expertise

2. Don’t be afraid to say something -a lot of something. You’re an expert in your field. Let’s talk about all the quirky facts and figures that you passionate about what you do. People will appreciate your insight.

Help People Find You

3. Use hashtags! Yeah, if you haven’t been on the social train for too long, they seem like a passing (and sometimes annoying) joke that’s been stretched far outside its boundaries, but consider this; It’s precisely because there is so much content on Twitter (and Instagram, for that matter), users actually do use hashtags to find specific subject matter and trending topics, like #socialmedia. Using hashtags will help your customers sift through the content and find you.

Engage in a Conversation

4. Don’t just post, engage! Search hash tags that apply to your business and jump into conversations. Reply to people. Ask questions. Get involved. Twitter is a very conversationally based site. Use it to your advantage.

Welcome Feedback

5. Some businesses are afraid to use Twitter because of negative feedback – don’t be! Customers are going to be saying the same thing about you whether you’re there or not. Thanks to the miracle of technology, you now have an opportunity to win this customer back….or at the very least win over other customers when they see how much you care.


For more information on how Vox Social can help your business connect over social, get in touch by emailing us at info@voxsocial or on Twitter at @voxsocialagncy

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